Wildcards are special edition cards that are dedicated to footballers who did something extraordinary or unusual on the pitch.

Our debut Wildcard is dedicated to forward Olivier Giroud, who temporarily took over goalkeeping duties in an Italian league game. Giroud had a clutch performance with an incredible last-minute save to secure a 1-0 victory for his club.

Wildcards have the same OVR rating as the regular footballer cards, but only in the position specified on the card.
In Giroud's case, the regular Giroud card is specified as a FWD. This card's OVR is applicable when it is applied to the FWD position only.

Giroud's Wildcard edition card is specified as a GKP. This card's OVR is only applicable when it is applied to the GKP position.

Wildcards are available for a limited time and may be purchased with Matchday Coins.